About the Practice

Dr Brotman’s love of Obstetrics and Gynecology occurred well before medical school. She worked labor and delivery as a licensed RN in several institutions prior to and during medical school. Being part of the team taking care of laboring patients, Dr Brotman wanted to be the leader and was motivated to apply to the challenging residency of OB/GYN. She was accepted to the program at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. There, she grew her skills to match her passion for reproductive health working her way up to chief resident in her fourth year.

After residency, Dr Brotman worked in several practices and eventually decided to start a private practice in 2008. The perfect opportunity presented itself in the offices that her father worked in for over 40 years as an internist. Carrying on his legacy of caring for patients made working in that location ideal. Over the last 13 years, the practice grew to need its current location in the professional building of West Suburban Hospital.

Dr Brotman has continued to challenge herself throughout her career to improve patient care. Shortly after the development of minimally invasive Robotic surgery, she incorporated it into her practice. It changed the face of medicine by taking high risk surgical procedures and making them safer for patients.
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Dr Brotman is also a certified Mohelet. Offering religious circumcision to the community is a wonderful melding of two interests: circumcision and religion.
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Giving back to the medical community has always been important to Dr Brotman. Patients will usually see medical students interacting in the practice, side-by-side with their teacher and mentor. As the Ob/Gyn Chairman of Clinical Services for St James Medical School, teaching keeps the practice and practitioner current, offering opportunity to influence the future generation of physicians and providing the best care for patients.

Dr Brotman is the back up physician for a group of certified nurse midwives. She supports a minimal intervention birth, gentle cesarean section, and operative vaginal birth. Her relationship of 10 years with the midwives has been meaningful and has enhanced the births of so many.

In 2020, Dr Brotman accepted the position of Chairman of OB/GYN at West Suburban Hosptal Medical Center. Leading the team of dedicated individuals to move the Family Birth Place and Gynecologic Surgery Departments into the future of medicine is an honor and priviledge.

Even though Dr Brotman has incorporated many facets into her diverse practice of OB/GYN, her focus is unwavering: caring for you, the patient.